Frequently Asked Questions


Can you provide wedding transportation for the 4×4 beaches in Corolla?

Corolla Shuttle can definitely help with your Outer Banks wedding transportation on the 4×4 beaches. We are available for 4×4 wedding transportation as well as anywhere else on the Outer Banks. We are able to pick your wedding guests up at the location of your choice and drop them off at your wedding destination. We can also help with rehearsal dinners or any other special events. Give us a call and we’d love to help with your Outer Bans wedding transportation.

Do you have shuttle services for those who do not have a four-wheel drive vehicle?

Corolla Shuttle is the perfect way to transport folks in your party to the rental home. We are also available to rent for weddings and parties.

How many people can you seat on your bus?

Each of our buses can seat up to 14 people. For wedding transportation, we can use both buses or make multiple trips with one bus. Even with a full bus, we have plenty of room for your groceries and luggage.

Do we need to get there at low tide? Can I drive at high tide?

Corolla Shuttle can operate at high tide or low tide. We’ll make your trip up the beach as easy and stress-free as possible. However, for those that drive themselves, tide times change daily, so there will be weeks when high tide is close to check-in time and weeks when it is not. However, if you let your tire pressure down to 15-18 PSI, your 4×4 vehicle should be able to travel the beach with ease. Driving at low tide will be a smoother ride and many guests time their trips during the week by the tides.

Do you offer transportation to and from Norfolk Airport?

Unfortunately, we are not currently licensed to run our services from Virginia to North Carolina. We hope to update that license for next year and be able to help with airport transportation.

Where does the road end and beach start?

This transfer from pavement to sand is known as “The Ramp.” Follow Highway 12 all the way north and it will take you straight to the beach.

How long will it take?

This varies depending on where your vacation home is located along the 11-mile stretch of beach in the 4×4 area.  Since beach conditions change daily, these travel times are approximations. Ocean Beach takes 10-15 minutes. For Seagull Beach or Swan Beach allow 15-20 minutes. Swan Island Estates or North Swan Beach will take 20-25 minutes. When driving to Carova, allow about 30 minutes travel time.

Is there anywhere to park for those who do not have a four wheel drive vehicle?

Some vacation rental companies have parking available for a weekly fee. Please contact your rental company for details.

Where are the Corolla wild horses?

The wild horses can be seen anywhere, and quite often, in the 4×4 area. There are currently about 100 horses living there so seeing them is a common occurrence.

How far is it to the Virginia line?

It is approximately 11 miles to the Virginia Line from the North Beach Access.

Can we drive North into Virginia?

No. There is a fence at the North Caroline/Virginia state line and access into Virginia is restricted to long-time residents of the area (no new permits are issued). False Cape State Park is on the Virginia side and is a great area in which to walk around and explore.

Will I get stuck in the sand? How often do people get stuck? What do I do if I get stuck?

With the Corolla Shuttle, you need not worry about getting stuck. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. For those of you who do drive on the beach, we are confident that if you bring a 4×4 vehicle with good ground clearance and lower your tire pressure to 15-18 PSI you will be fine. People do get stuck but the main cause is folks not lowering their tire pressure.  If you do get stuck – don’t panic and try not to spin the wheels.

Is the 4×4 beach safe for children?

There are many unique aspects of the 4×4 area. One is that the beach doubles as a road to access all of the homes in this area. As a result there is a mixture of beachgoers and vehicles.  This requires both beachgoers and drivers to be extra alert and parents of small children to be extra diligent. The speed limit around pedestrians is 15 mph. The homes further north in Carova  experience less traffic and may have more appeal to folks with young children.